KEEP THE FAITH the Dundee Northern Soul Film.

So, we've had Soul Boy and next year we've got Northern Soul the movie - but currently in production is another interesting and possibly more realistic movie: KEEP THE FAITH the Dundee Northern Soul Film...


The Northern Soul scene in Dundee has always been very vibrand and was also the subject of Matt Stokes award winning film - Long After Tonight - which is now owned and exhibited by Dundee Art Galleries and Museums.


Not sure how far they have got with the making of this film but there is an interesting preview below... You can also check out the FACEBOOK GROUP for Discussion and News and keep up with KEEP THE FAITH's Website.


"Like a phoenix, from the ashes they shall rise.. from the beating heart of the city come the A92 Vespas KTF"


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  • God almighty, its like corporation buses. Nothing for ages and then you are inundated with them. I saw the first one but may wait till the others come out on DVD.

    • Are those Guys actual Mods from Dundee ? or just Actors ? well turned out i must say.......

This reply was deleted.


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