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A comment on pirate radio from someone who was there;

At the time in the 60`s there was NO pop music to speak of on the radio, not for mods, rockers, blue beat boys, rasta boys or sod all else.

Music on radio was totally controlled by the musicians union which decreed that radio stations would be allowed to play 12 minutes of recorded music per hour the rest being played by dance bands comprising their members!

Then along came the offshore stations( romantically called pirates, which they strictly weren't as there was no law to actually break at the time) and joy of joys pop music all day long!!

Did they serve mod culture? Radio London certainly did more than most to tune into the London mod scene, sponsoring and broadcasting gigs from the marquee and other big name clubs.

So, youngsters don't look back from now with a quizzical eye on past glories, the "pirate" stations were playing the music of our generation and they have never been successfully replaced especially as the state of commercial radio now is truly dreadful. Never thought I would say thank God for BBC radio!!!

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  • I was far too young to be aware of the pirate radio stations but they did seem to tap into musical tastes that were bizarrely not catered for by the BBC radio stations until the latter part of the 1960s and even then I doubt it was as good. For my generation we used to listen to the top 40 every Sunday hoping our favourite band had hit the No. 1 spot. Now I have to be honest and say that I could not tell you who fills that spot now, or any of the acts who have done in the past number of years. I also have a feeling that the sales required for a number one slot are nowhere near as high as they were even in the early 80s. I also remember TOTP being really popular before it became astonishingly naff from the mid 80s onwards. I recently watched one from 1979 and it was fantastic with bands such as the Jam, Madness, and Secret Affair on the one show. Five years later i would not have watched it if you paid me to such was the decline in the music and bands on show.
    • I thought you were in you 60's Chris...................................:P

    • No Johnny I am not an original 60s Mod like yerself ha ha
    • Well I am an original 60s wannabe mod, then became an actual one in the early 70s when I got to 16 and could have a lambretta! just squeaked into the last year of the 250cc law before all of my year younger mates were forced onto 50cc mopeds the poor sods.

      A reference to Chris` point about record sales; I read recently that sales of 20k will get you to no. 1 nowadays, jeez 20 thousand wouldn't get you in the top 40 from the 60s to the 90s and being no.1 seems to mean so much less these days, not to mention the standard of crap that passes for music I mean Justin Bieber at 1,2,&3????? gimme a break, in fact gimme a tardis and see you in 1964

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