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Hi All

Now summer's arrived can anyone recommend any decent looking kevlar protective jeans for summer scooter riding. I ride most days on a daily commute on rural A roads, so like to wear protective gear; it's just getting too hot for the armoured over trousers I normally wear.



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  • Hood or Draggin and you just missed £30/pr kevlar jeans at Aldi's Mike!!

    I have owned both types and they both look god-awful be warned!! they do Kevlar combats which might be a better bet as you could wear them over your smarter strides?


    best of luck!!

    what scooter are you riding? i will look out for you,(look out for an old blue Harley 1962 or a geeky red '75 MZTs250 with legshields, cheaper than a scooter and alittle faster but not much!

    • Thanks Ben - I was worried that Kevlar jeans might look like baggy jeans sought of why I posted the question. Bec thanks the Draggin ones look a bit more stylish but as I'm about to be made redundant not sure I can justify the buying a pair just yet. As for what the Dr prescribed well Levi's are cool but wont spare my hide if I take a tumble.

      I ride a sliver 125 LML/PX clone with a Trojan records logo flyscreen. As far as i'm aware there are only 2 geared scooters in/around Aber mine and my friend Paul's silver 200PX. I'll keep an eye out for the hog and/or your red MZT, Paul and I are try to go out for occasional ride outs around Ceredigion so maybe see you on the road sometime. 

  • Hey Mike!

    Not that I've worn them - but I should - a lot mates I know wear Draggin' Jeans. I'm forever getting the piss taken out of me when my Rocker mates ask me about my Kevlar tights! LOL! They are an Aussie company with an excellent reputation amongst motorcyclists and scooterists alike. I even found a BNWT pair (that didn't fit me) in a charity shop once and sold them to a friend a few years back. They do ship internationally, also.


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