Lambretta Clothing

Just wanting some opinions on the Lambretta clothing brand!  

I, personally, feel as though they are under the total illusion that their Mod target and union jack symbols automatically make them Mod, but that's not quite how it works, is it?

What are your thoughts?

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  • I have had several of the T-shirts for birthday presents and they have been as good as any other Tshirt. 

    I have seen a couple of Nice Long Sleeve tops by Lambretta, which i think are from ages ago, someone had one at a vintage fair. To be fair it looked good. If id had the cash would have had it. 

    I also recall some trainers which lasted ok, but like Addidas as a rule

    In terms if it being mod ? think you are right the brand is aimed more at the Scooter, High Street Market etc. 


  • I am beginning to think that there are three basic principles:-

                 1) clean living under difficult circumstances

                 2) attention to detail

                 3) each to their own

    With regard to Lambretta clothing, refer to principle No. 3

    • On a sadder note due to age had to get specs found lambretta frames were spot on so now proud owner of lambretta bins just hope legs don't fall off
    • I like the monkey jacket Hubert , and have thought of getting one myself for the spring as an alternative to the Harrington ( I've had a couple of those over the years and am not looking for another) . Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I remember the monkey jackets - usually in navy blue - were popular before the Harrington, and were otherwise known as "windcheaters".. In my area of London (Tottenham/Stamford Hill/ Hackney) Harringtons weren't really popular until the skinheads started wearing them in about 1970. Apparently mods wore them prior to that, but it's a long time ago and I can't recall seeing an original mod in one. Does anyone else?

  • Just had a look at the website, too. Well, I almost bought a polo shirt some time ago but didn't in the end for some reason. The clobber they've got listed now isn't really my cup of tea. The Monkey jackets looks good, but like Steve, I already have one (from Madcap). The Shirts are OK but then again I'd rather spend my money on a DNA Groove or Mikkel Rude shirt knowing to receive a perfect shirt for my money.

    If I find something decent made by Lambretta in the future, I sure will buy it - I don't have any problem with targets on the label if the quality and the look is alright, but at the moment I don't find anything suitable in their collection.

    • Hubert jacket looks smart like I said you can find decent gear in the lambretta range but do think they could do better on a lot of the range
    • I don't think their clothes are all too bad, rather what they actually stand for.  "We've stayed close to our roots and heritage", they say, but I don't even know what that is! As far as I know Lambretta clothing was formed in the 90s.

    • You could always bump start your shirt if the buttons fall off Frames ha ha

    • As long  as it was just the sleeve Frames...not you arm ;-)

  • IMO Lambretta Clothing have not brought out a lot of good Mod stuff, I feel they are more aimed at the scooterist. Just had an update look on their website only like their Monkey Jackets on there, already got one(Not Lambretta).

    I have 2 quality pairs of  Lambretta Shoes, white Bowling Shoes had years! A pair of lace up Brown checkboard pattern shoes recently acquired very cool shoes.

    Iv'e got a Lambretta Zip up style top, logo has worn unfortunately, looks ok to wear knocking around more of a casual wear item, got a union jack shirt I wear bout once a year as a novelty, yes I know many Mods will look at this with scorn, I like it and I don't care wot anyone thinks! Part of bein Mod not caring about put downs, it looks good on Me!

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