Great charity shop find a 1963 "Lambretta Serviceman's Book".

I had one of these back in the day and well remember trying to sort out my LI series 1 150 with the aid of the Serviceman's Book, a plug spanner, adjustable wrench and Phillips screwdriver.

After a while I got quite proficient, being able to drop the engine, change piston rings and substitute the original carb for a "Del Auto".

All the annoying bits about owning a Scooter came flooding back.

The fouled up spark plugs, the clutch/throttle cables that kept breaking.

The Manual advises owners to be prepared to live with noises and vibrations and "give up worrying.To prove it, swop machines with a friend for a few miles; both of you should find the other's Lambretta apparently sweeter running than his own."

Some good period ads for Pirelli and Michelin tyres, BLOA, Exide batteries, Castrol and BP Zoom 2 stroke mixtures, Champion spark plugs plus a list of main dealers.

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  • fantastic find Mike :)

    • jesus ,this brought back memories of the complete white vespa tyre that they brought out in the 80s , any one else remember them ,, they were completely white ,tread ,everything ,looked bllody awful

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