Lambretta Store - Glasgow

Consultancy Phaus has designed two new Lambretta stores set to open in Cardiff and Glasgow next month, which will feature a range of one-off graphics and in-store branding. Contracted by franchise-owner Peter Davis after a direct appointment in July, the consultancy took its cue from a visual brief Davis had provided through a basic sketch. Phaus’ response was to build a ‘glossy shell’ within the space, linking a translucent Lambretta ‘target’ logo from the window display to another one on the store’s back wall. The window display covers two-thirds of the shopfront, which runs into a door composed of coloured fins acting as a ‘brand timeline through classic Lambretta colours’, according to Heather Allen, design director at Phaus. Sub-brands have been created throughout the shop by changing the colours of the target to represent each clothing range. ‘We’ve even designed a rail system with a different colour target on each,’ says Allen. Women’s clothing will be displayed towards the front of the store ‘in order to be identified and reinforced to the mall customer’, she adds. Bespoke camouflage wallpaper has been designed, based on Lambretta iconography and the sub-brand colours. ‘Silhouetted scooters, lifestyle imagery and the target are used to create wallpapers and large-scale graphics [to] denote a point of difference to male and female customers,’ says Allen. The consultancy has also produced a range of bags, other stationery and guidelines for future use of the brand. Both stores will be located inside shopping malls - the Cardiff store at St David’s and the Glasgow store at St Enoch.

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  • any time you want a wee race or endurance trial chris im always here.
    • That sounds like easy money mate. I am in peak condition not having smoked for years now. I do take the odd glass of red wine, just to keep the heart beating regularly right enough.

      And if you are talking about on the scooters, don't think I am unaware that you have a 200 Rally engine in your SX.
  • I wonder if it will be like 99% of Lambretta scooters; looks good but doesn't really work too well.

    I hope it is a success, but ideas like camouflaged wallpaper do not inspire a lot of confidence. Anyway, I wonder what the wallpaper is camouflaged as; a carpet.
  • no but the lambretta scooter was the best.
    • I had a pair of Lambretta jeans once, but he kept on ripping at the seems. lol
  • The camouflage wallpaper sounds like a visit from the Good taste Police may be necessary. But on a more positive note; I'm sure the scooter boys will love it.
    • not so sure Chris, the Lambretta brand has never been the best
  • Rubbish, but I will go and visit it
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