Well, what a night that was, or was it just that I hadn't been out for 5 months.I met Andy Murdoch and Colin Coiley and they joined our wee oldies corner for the night. It was lovely to meet you guys. Angie has pics an she'll get them up on the site soon. She'll send me the one of us three and I'll get it on this post.I was blown away by the music last night. Mikey pulled a few corkers out the bag, so much so that there was applause after each one. The boy did us proud with such classics as Can't explain, stoned love, zoot suit, green onions, heatwave, and others. The amount of old classic reached an all time high and all were well chuffed. Even the youngsters loved it, so maybe there will be more of the same in future.Lots of old faces there, well me and Angie Sneddon, lol, Tam Armstrong and his wife Karen, Stevie and Andrea, Ped Burns and Popeye, James Sneddon, Stevie Corbett, if I missed anyone, sory.So the upshot is it was a good nightHere's spme of the pics Angie took. I know Colin will love these and I ask you, am I really that fat? hahahahaha

Angie, April and Andrea (The three amigos)

Colin (coileyboy), April and Andy Murdoch

Me being sexually harassed by Stevie Corbett, lol

Colin and Andy, (the talent)

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  • The photos are really good. Looks like everyone was having great time.
  • Exactly April. Even with the aid of a few pints of the black stuff there was no way I could handle that nonsense. I did find a pub with a good juke box, which was a big bonus.
  • Sounds like it was another great night at Friday Street. And before anyone starts, I am not in the slightest bit jealous. I had a brilliant night in a pub in Moville on Friday night listening to Ho Bo Bill. As you can imagine he had just started when I suggested that we move on to somewhere else. But the Guinness was great, and you will be annoyed to hear Mr Doyle, that it was only about 3 Euros 50 for a pint in most places in Donegal.
    • I can almost hear the banjo's from here, dig a ding ding ding ding ding ding ding lmao
  • Why do I look pissed in the pics, I wasnt drinking. I recon me having to hold Colin up from falling on his arse all nite, Knacked me. About Friday St. I was in awe of it all, The music was raw R&B from what I can make Out Mickey and the other Jocks were superb. The dancing was top class from all the age groups. I had a thought when watching that Ped Smith would have been in his element. God Bless.
    I would love to read about the new generation of The Mod Scene , And get there per spective on what they think of all that is happening. The other thought I had was , that the 79 mods managed to cram in a whole decade of music and fashion in about 4 years to 1983. THE Jam , and all that, some Ska (EEM) , Motown and other labels of 60s R&B, 60s main stream mod and pop , on to Pyhcidelic and then at the end Northern Soul. We changed our style through the changes in Music we were hearing at big events on rallies and the other clubs we went to in other towns. So what do you think will happen for the future this time round ?
    • Awright mate......this is a conversation that andy and i had today...it would be good to get some of the younger crew on the site and tell us what they feel is relevant today.....and how we can merge our memories..or nostalgia with their views on the scene....i would also like to reiterate what andy said...Well done Mikey......i heard some sounds that i hadn't heard in years....cannae wait till the next nite.

    • i would dj at some mod clubs over here,there are widespread views on mod sounds that are played.theres a revival nite once a month which does what it says on the tin,its very popular,a few soul nites with the rarest nothern soul tunes,a psych nite with freakbeat and sike-mod numbers for the purists and a couple of clubs with the whole shebang sike,revival,ska,hammond,modjazz,soul of all kinds and new mod thrown in which are extremly popular...a mate and me put on a couple of gigs with only 6ts rnb and new stuff like james hunter,frank popp,andy lewis,new master sounds etc and it didnt pack out,which is unusual over here,so it looks like people want a bit of everything on their hard earned nite out.
  • Is it possible Colin 'Coileyboy' and James Sneddon are twins?!?
  • Right hooz doctored up the photies!!!!!! ah know know ah wiz drunk........but surely ah could have pulled a better bird than the one wi the tan, and a gommie eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • I haven't got a tan hahaha
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