Leather jacket.

Hi Guys,

           Thinking bout a leather jacket (funnel neck) Any suggestions would be appreciated ? Have seen a couple but would appreciate advice from the folks on here.

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  • Thanks to everyone for their comments/photo's. I must confess the photo i put up is of a jacket from Pretty Green, so well sussed Red Steve & Kevin !! I've seen the Ted Baker jacket on line and funnily enough its slightly more expensive then Pretty Green. Any more advice as to where to buy from will always be appreciated. Hopefully next Satirday i'll get sorted. Will let you know !!

  • I used to wear a funnel neck leather jacket when I was 16. It was the typical 'Britpop' racing leather jacket, the Liam Gallagher/Richard Ashcroft kind. That being said I think these jackets have become pretty mainstream over the past few years and I wouldn't wear it today. The ones Kai and Steve posted have a lot more class and don't look like jackets you'll get at H&M!

    • I think you're spot on Kevin with your Britpop connection. Nothing against the style personally although like you I wouldn't buy one. There are plenty of other alternatives out there with more going for them in terms of detail etc. The brown one I found is on e bay, and at just £30 (less if the seller accepts an offer) is a great deal for something with a bit more character.

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    • I like the one from ten years ago especially Kai !!

    • I prefer Kai's too if I'm honest. The one you've posted up can be had from lots of places as it simply looks like a generic mens leather jacket...I think Pretty Green had something similar last year. Ted Baker have this one for sale at John Lewis which is similar:

    • For £30 I prefer the look of this one:

    • this is the main product imageThere we go Alan  !

    • Very true Alan. Have seen em matched up with formal trousers etc but that just doesn't do it for me. Much better with maybe chino's but far better with jeans n t-shirt or crew neck jumper and nice scarf. Just my view of course and always happy to hear the views of all on here !!

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