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Last night I thought about opening this thread:

Many times, we are wondering and asking what about the real quality of the things we buy. In fact, most of our clothes are not cheap and can be pretty expensive (and I do wish bargains for everyone!) but we are surrounded by the brands marketing traps.

This is one of the most ridiculous thing we can face: Buying things that seem to look cool but indeed are not because the second time you will wear or wash one of them wi  ll just fade, lose their shape and will obviously end at the bottom of our wardrobe or will be sold to "tickets".

Comparing to 60's, this new century brought the worst quality the world ever produced.

Here's a place when we can help each other to avoid these traps, a place to counter the marketing strategies because we want the real thing and we just don't to get fooled!

Let's concentrate all our reviews here, the brand to avoid, the stores that offer the best and the worst. Let's share it!

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  • 3297930008?profile=originalWell, Phil... we already stated this elsewhere... I was ready to give up on the Gabicci brand altogether; the polos not really true to shape after a few washes and the knitwear getting baggy and slack even after a few hours´ wear, it seemed. Now that burgundy blazer is something different altogether; perfect fit and tailoring; and I´m really glad your post inspired me to get me one. A little later I got me a lightweight navy mac by Gabicci and I´m very satisfied, has become my "everyday" coat at the moment, until temperatures drop under 0°C again.

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