Levi's 501 shrink to fit

Alright guys,Has anyone recently tried a pair of the 'new' shrink to fit 501s? I like the idea and fancy getting a pair but wanted to check people's experience. How do they come out fitting? I tried a pair in my normal size (32 30) and whilst the legs and waist were ok they made me look like I should be riding around on a skateboard - really loose on the thighs.At the same time I don't want to look like I've painted my jeans on a la Pete Doherty or some other such indie knob.The girl in the store suggested going an inch bigger than I would normally buy.Any thoughts?Thanks in advance.

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  •   According to well, the internet, it should be possible to shrink any pair of jeans to fit (as long as they're roughly your size.) I tried it with a pair of jeans last night, but the water wasn't hot enough. I'll try again tonight and tell you all how it goes.

  • Mate, I tried them back in the mid 90's, and found it to be a load of balls!  A whole lot of hassle and the finished product looked crap.  Also got the cold as I had to sit around in damp jeans.  Try Levis 505, not a bad fit.  But the shrink to fit really are'nt worth the effort.


    • 501 1947's [the real deal] cost....£225....Ochhhh!

  • Fair point Chadders, I asked myself the same thing but they're a good 40 notes cheaper in the sale at the minute so worth a punt.

    Levis claim they give a better fit - you're supposed to wear them wet and let them dry on so they take the shape of your legs. Admittedly this does sound like bollocks so wanted to see If anyone had had any experience of them.
  • Ive also heard you buy them an inch bigger in waist and length than you normally would.

    I think I'm missing the point though, why wouldnt you just buy none shrink to fit, inthe right size in the first place? Can someone fillme in on this?

  • Do what the girl in the store suggested... they are after all, shrink to fits.

    They usually shrink roughly an inch on the waist and 1 to 2 inches in the leg. I would also suggest shrinking them before you have them hemmed or altered in any way.

    I hope this is of some help.

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