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What is your getup?

Hello, everyone. I'm quite new to the mod scene, this being my first forum thread, and was just wondering what your average outfit would be? Today, im sporting docs, navy jeans and a white polo with my Belgian parka to top it all off! I'm also in sea

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12 Replies · Reply by Chris Cameron Feb 8, 2018

Summer is going on leave!

Hi all,

As summer (here in the UK) is drawing to a close, the nights are getting darker, and colder! Personally winter is my favourite season, purely for reasons of clothing! Buying Jackets and Coats are my favourite, Scarves, Knitwear, well you all k

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7 Replies · Reply by Gary D' Aug 14, 2014

Winter's Coming

I've just moved up to lancaster for university and i'm unfamiliar with the shop, so dont know where to get anything half decent. Was wondering if anyone had any idea if there was any good shops round here for me to get some new stuff for winter. If y

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Need advice on suits

I'm going on holiday in a month's time, and I need some outfits to wear for dinner whilst away...

Where are some good places to buy sharp fitting suits and smart shoes?

What colours of suit would you recommend? If you could you point me in the directio

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5 Replies · Reply by Alan S Jul 18, 2013

matching a pocket square.

alright ladies and gents,

can i ask for some pocket square matching assistance? say i'm wearing an open collar burgundy shirt, navy chino trousers and a wool herringbone blazer what do i match my pocket square to? do i go for a blue pocket square so t

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