Some uptempo modness to get you through the madness!

    • Great selection Paddy. Thanks for sharing with us.


    • Thanks Mike :-)

  • Anyone listen to non mod music? pretty boring if you didn't.  There was a thread on here I believe started by Kai but it looks like it's been removed.

  • Harmonica virtuoso 


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    • Fantastic stuff Kai. I would certainly go along to see him if he comes over here. I see he has the same taste in trackies as yourself too mate ha ha

    • Hopefully he will be looking to get his gear up to the same level as his voice and the songs he sings Kai.

    • At the end of the day he could dress like Sid Vicious and i would still go and see him if he sings great songs with such a tremendous voice.

    • Totally agree Kai. I am not not particularly appreciative of a bare male chest but I would put up with it in similar circumstances.

    • I can well believe it mate, i'll bet she never knew where to look ha ha

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