The brilliant Tommy Smith, one of the best players of the last couple of decades.

    • Wow! What a silky smooth flow... I will be looking out for this Cool Kat. Thanks ernie ;0)

  • I thought I'd better switch to this thread... The Blue Note, DJ Smash - Phonography and Phonography both landed this morning, rinsed them out today. Brilliant sounds Kai, thank you very much ;0)

    The 'Untinted' album should be turning up any time soon too. Happy days :0) 


    This is where The Jam 'borrowed' all their bass lines from.....



    Shuggie Otis was about 14 or 15 years old when he made this allbum with Al Kooper.


    They say Otis but I’m hearing more Al Green. Whichever, another superb soul voice keeping the flame alight. 

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    • 21st March at The Venue in New Cross for a full gig Gary or 20th March at Rough Trade East for a freebie and signing.  I will definitely do the full gig and may do the signing too. 

    • Cheers for the info Steve. Probably bump into you at one or the other London gigs ;0)

    • When will the album be out?

    • Release date is 8th March Kai. 

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