• One of the best starts to a dancer in my opinion... I love this track and as for the bassline, pure musical class ;0)

  • Not so much an aural post but a Q&A with Paul Weller, from the british Guardian newspaper.

    Nostalgia may not have a future but it will always have a home, be loved and have a rose tinted embrace...

    Gary D'


    Paul Weller on a Pharrell collab, Eton elites and writing a Bond theme
    The prolific modfather joined us on the release of his 14th solo album to answer your questions about new musicians, giving up drinking and how to st…
  • A refreshing break from R&B...

  • Another classic "newie"...


    • Another modern/northern classic Gary. I used to have it on an album but mislaid it years ago. 

    • Back in the day, 76/77/78, round my way it was the Main Room, the Oldies Room and the Newies Room... Didn't know it as Modern at the time as at 13/14/15 years old respectively, modern music to us was Slade, Hot Chocolate, Abba, Bay City Rollers, David Cassidy etc... ;0)

    • In all honesty it was only towards the end of 1978 that I became the slightest bit interested in music and then it was New Wave, and even then I was not so intrested that I would actually buy anything. Prior to that I was mainly  a follower with regards to music and liked anything that my friends liked. I did secretly listen to a few Stones and Beatles LPs that had been in the house since the mid 60s but would never admit that to my pals as noone bothered witn such old fashioned rubbish and I would have been slagged off. In addition to that I had never heard of Northern Soul or Mods. All my pocket money was spent on football, sweeties, and cigarettes so music was not  high on my priorities. I do wish I knew about this amazing music and style before it became in the public arena around the summer of 79 but the truth is I did not  have a scooby so good on you Gary.

    • It's all about the enthusiasm and the moments Chris. I'm no expert or connoisseur either Chris, I just know who I am, what I like and try to gel, without surrender, with others of like mind. I've always been a bit of a street urchin, underground music kind of person, always looking to see what's around the corner and been lucky/unlucky enough to have experienced the "darkside" of street life from an unusually young age. Great taste in music, is great taste in music regardless of the background and you my friend have great taste ;0) 

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