• Best thing he's done was get head-butted by that cameraman.

  • The new Weller album is possibly the first ever I'm not going to buy... :-(
    • Any reason?  It's been receiving some good reviews.

    • The reason is I don't like most what I heard. Besides, The Wall by Pink Floyd also received some good reviews, hahaha!
  • I'm not sure how many mods segued into the 90's underground dance scene, I'm guessing one or two. Loved this haunting melody from the Swiss born Italian musician Robert Concina aka Robert Miles, RIP.

    Robert Miles - Children - YouTube
    • 47, what a pity...
      Robert Miles - Children - YouTube
  • Late night beats.

    Soul II Soul - Missing You - YouTube
  • Underrated but as good as, if not better than Vol.l. Wellers Modernism: A New Decade, a definite nod to these soulsters imho.


  • Proper hard mods...

    The Spitfires - Move On - YouTube

    Friedrich Sunlight; new band from Augsburg; album produced by Andy Lewis, no less!
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