• I did like those first few Jamiroguai singles, after that meh, and unfortunately the prat in the hat lived up to his name, Changing man still sounds great.


    Jimmy Smith is always quality

  • Move on, the Spitfires. I remember seeing a post about gigs a while ago with Alan S and although I'd heard of them I had hadn't heard any of their stuff. I put YouTube on and saw Move on and thought it was great straight away. They do all their own stuff but you can hear influences in it. I hate cover and tribute bands and stupid musicals so lm glad a band has come along like this. I've got both of their albums now and love them.
    I used to think l can't be arsed with new bands but I've changed my mind on this lot
    • I have to agree with you there Carl. If you go back a page to the 8th May, A drop of fresh water in an arid desert ;0) 

    • awful band  Certainly not anything fresh about them.

    • Agreed. And yes I've seen them live, and yes they were POOR
    • Just another wannabe band copying angry mod bands of the past, very sad.

    • Most mod revival bands didn't make it past the first Lp and had a few covers on it as well
      What's wrong with being an angry young man and wearing decent clothes at the same time.
    • Nothing but it's so derivative it offers nothing new at all just regurgitated rubbish. But if you like them you like them.

    • What is really sad to me is people like you who are on here for the sole purpose of trolling and attempting to wind people up. God only knows why you keep posting as I do not think there is one thing about the mod scene that you are positive about.
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