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    • It's different that's all, of course the above track is a joke, but there's plenty of great r and b around.

  • Got switched on to this yesterday, which then led me to the groovy depths of psych and garage punk rock... Groovy, off the chain awesome and far out man!


    • Have had that album on cd for yonks. Absolutely brilliant and I never tire of hearing it.
    • Motown put me onto it. So big thanks due there. I'd not heard it before myself though I do like my Psych, Garage. Awesome album with a great back story to the band ;0)

    • The DJ at our Glasgow Scene Club actually used to play 'Alone Again' back in 81 and 82 Gary. Despite being a Mod club the music played went from the Doors to the Miracles. Everything from R&B to Psychedelic and other obscure 1960s stuff.
    • Got the LP, but didn't Listen to it for decided, really. Might dig it out tomorrow!
    • If you don't want it send it to me Kai, I will make room for it ha ha
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