• You will :-) you've been saying that for 6 years! Next one's next Saturday:-)
    • I know mate. Just slightly more complicated now with a lot of my mates turning into hermits. I have not seen or heard from Stevie M since the summer either.
    • Stevie and Andrea are coming, I was round his hoose a couple of weeks ago :-) Claire Hyslop's our guest dj, Angie and Doreen are coming. Alan and Julie's coming. Basically we'll look after you mate :-)
    • Cheers mate. Ended up going to Tailor Made on my own last night as everyone went home after the Small Fakers gig. I knew loads of people there and still had a great night so the same would apply at your do.
    • Yes. Me too. Bit more complicated, though... still, some day...
    • I'll let you off Kai :-) Chris only lives round the corner ;-)
    • True haha, still... one day I'll make it, to have a ball with Chris, Alan, old JP and yourself... ;-)
    • Cheers Gary :-) right up your street I would have thought :-)
    • A superb listen mate. Yep! Right up my rue... Thanks for posting dude ;0) 

    • Yeah some fantastic songs mate, including a version of 'Gotta Dance to Keep From Crying' that I had never heard before. Nothing will ever beat The Miracles original version for me tbh but it was very good none the less.
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