• I think it's better tbh mate:-) from my favourite album!
    • As would be expected from you good self; absolute quality. A great listen there Paddy.
  • Best news of the year so far (apart from the fact that the Riots got back together to record...)! New album in Febuary and- YES!- Mr Hunter's going to play in Cologne in March!

    • Is he going to do a full UK tour?
    • Unfortunately no full UK tour on the horizon for our very own Mr. Hunter. I'm so pleased that he's now signed to the credible Daptone label that fully appreciates his sound though. From the reviews this will be their best yet and judging from his previous albums that's got to be nothing but awesome.   

    • Tour Dates on his Website, SR!
    • Yes I've seen them and that's a no then! I have his early albums which I love. However I said I'd buy new ones from him at gigs. So haven't got the last two!! Looks like I'll be missing out on this one too.
    • Brilliant news!

  • New Selecter out last month. Audio ambrosia.

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