• I know exactly where you're coming from, Gary, and any Kent compilation gets a more regular spin, but the new ones are not as bad as to ignore them, quite on the contrary. Same with any kind of music; however much I love the Creation, there's always a place for the Len Price Three or the Spitfires as well... ;-)
    • All good in their own right and far from ignored by moi. In fact they are all very much a part of my musical lexicon of mod, as are Nicole Willis, Charles Bradley(RIP), Nick Waterhouse and Vintage Trouble to name just a few. But when it comes that sweet, soul, centre of music in the mod world, some are just untouchable and always will be imho. I feel blessed and happy to be into and share such a rich, deep, sound from the human psyche ;0)     

    • ... while Stone Foundation is nothing less than an absolute blue eyed Soul sensation! ;-)
      With R'n'B I go for James Hunter.

  • Lovers rock, that just gets better with each listen.


    Au revoir Johnny Hallyday

    Sospetto- Morricone vibes from Düsseldorf.
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