• The photo of the guys on the scooters was taken in Glasgow green around Oct 79, know a few guys from it. Although not my favourite band by any stretch 'Living For Today' is to me a great song from a fine album Gary.
    • Happy memories there Chris. They all remind me of being full of energy, young and having fun. I'm still full of energy, having fun but just not quite so young these days. Ha, ha, great times nonetheless ;0) 

    • I am usually still full of energy and having fun too Gary. At the moment I have a flu which has curtailed both. Agree with you 100% about those great, mad, fun times.
    • "They've missed the train, so they're walking home in the pouring rain..."; who hasn't been through it? Every bit as good as "When You're Young".
    • I was out with a few of the team on the 29th and as always the topic of music came up. One of the guys never liked (and still does not like)the music of the revival bands and I suppose he would not have been unique in that. I always thought there was a lot of fantastic songs around in those days, and to me the best music from the Mod revival bands stand up alongside the top songs from any of the really good bands that were doing the rounds at that time. I personally think it was a great time for music and was probably the last time the mainstream charts were consistently filled with brilliant bands and music. On the down side it spoiled us and made the turgid crap of the 1980s harder to stomach.
    • I disagree only in so far that I think in the mid 90's charts there were also brilliant bands and music in the mainstream charts. But that definitely was the last time ever, Haha!
    • It was the last time I think that music was exciting Kai. I personally would not compare it excitement wise to the music from 78 to 81 but that is just my own personal choice and maybe reflects the age difference.
    • Sure does Chris. I was 10 in 1979 and the Beatles were everything to me. Suppose it could have been worse, haha...
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