... at last, hahaha!

  • Five for the weekend... Purloined from the Keb Darge & Bob Jones, Jazz Spectrum album...

    • Love it.

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    • Wow!

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  • The jury is still out for me... but have a listen and think a thought for yourself.

    • Untitled Original 11386 - Track 3 is about it for me... 

      Blue Train

      My Favorite Things



      Coltrane Plays The Blues

      And with 'A Love Supreme' and 'Giant Steps' to add to my portfolio, this new "Lost Album" falls way behind the preceding albums in my estimation, on technical quality (apart from the bass player, Jimmy Garrison, who I think carries the whole album), production and even enthusiasm (they all seem lacklusture and tired) but that's just one opinion. Acording to the masses and the Billboard chart it's at No.1 and in all the jazz charts, in the top five picks! So I'm in a minority, something that I'm more than familiar and happy with ;0)

    • Not at his best by a long way here. Of course this is not the finished article and is instead a working copy really. Still a must for the completest. But i will not be rushing to HMV or Amazon for this one.


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