• Mistadobalina - Del the Funkee Homosapien

  • The Judgement Come - Cornell Campbell

  • This album came out 3 years ago now, cracking record. They also released an E.P. a year before this album, which is also top notch.


    • Great live act, too! Saw them 3 times already.

    • Lucky!

  • Originally released in 1983; was reissued earlier this year. Amazing album and sadly underappreciated.

    • 100% agreed! Sadly underrated like all of Ed Balls' work...

    • Indeed, it's a shame that music like this never broke through. A band that I discovered a few months ago and have been listening to an incredible amount is Mood Six (I expect you know them!). Victim is a great song, but I prefer Ed Ball's cover version on the Boys About Town E.P.

    • Yes, indeed I do know them. If I remember well, Ball worked with the Mood Six singer on his adaption of Joe Ortons Up Against It.

    • Yes, he did!

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