• Cheers Steve. Quite a few new releases to purchase then in early March.

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    • When is that from, Gary? Gotta look it up!


    This was a patchy band, but this is probably their best performance of this track. It was one of those crossover moments that happen when things change, in this case from mod, which was becoming very rigid in its outlook, and a more fluid attitude.Ultimately, hippies and pyschedelia. Not everybody's cup of tea, but some astonishing music was made. Butterfield was from Chicago, and sang with conviction.


    Not too bad a voice for a white boy!;-) New album out in March.

    • Hope to catch him live as well some time round here, Gary!



    Well, the brilliant Lee Dorsey; a later album.

    • 'YES WE CAN', great album.


    Ah - more time travel. This is what I was looking for, the one without the 'live crowd' interference. Another Scene track, almost never off the set list for months.

    • Nice one, Ernie!




    Looking for something else and came across this, which sent me time travelling. Not sure which year, but mid-60s, it was more or less THE house track at The Scene, late in the a.m.

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