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I was wondering what its like to live in a country or place where theres actually things going on? I live in the small town outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the USA. We have nothing here. The people here dont know what a Mod is. They relate the word to a movie called the Mod Squad if anything. Ive been the only one out here into anything so its hard to talk about music, scooters and stuff with anyone. The only music they like over here is Country and Rap and the big event is what anyone is playing on their Xbox.


So yea, Id like to make some friends on this site and have some people to talk to about music and cool things we dont have over here. I myself love alot of Early Who, The Jam, the Prisoners, Soul groups like The Temptations (Saw em twice), Jr. Walker n the allstars, I also love Otis Reading, Sam cooke, and The Supremes. Anyway, Thats me so far. 

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  • Blimey never heard of your place before, how on earth did you get into MOD ?. I lived in LONDON for 53 years then retired to Clacton-on-sea Essex. LONDON had every thing you could ever want and more. I could walk to ILFORD PALAIS a old type of ballroom where in the mid 60's i saw THE WHO, SMALL FACES, LEE DORSY, GENO WASHINGTON, DESMOND DEKKER and loads more 60's MOD favs. The local shops were fantastic and it was so trendy like a mini LONDON, which was only a short bus/train ride away. Hope you enjoy this great site it's full of great people willing to help you if you want to know anything.A bit further away a mile or so was the UPPERCUT and old skating rink changed into a dance hall, i saw OTIS REDDING< SAM & DAVE JIMI HENDRIX there in 66' and '67.  PETE

    • . My Mom had a collection of 45s I listened to. Everything from The Who to the 4 Tops. I got into punk when I was 14 and learned about different scenes thru that. I hung with the trad skins (Non racist) in my 20's and got into mod after that because I related to it better. Mod has more of a variety of things. I like the music alot better than punk and Oi! I love alot of Motown, Stax, Tamala, and older Blue Beat music along with Beat music from eric Burdon, the Who, The Faces, Yardbirds etc... I do like The Jam, The Prisoners, The Accidents, 9 below zero, Miri may, The impac, The kick etc...

  • Good weekend happening here in Oakland. Tonight and tomorrow is the grand (new location) opening of Vamp records! Great people, great vinyl. Soulvation DJ party down the street tomorrow night, and, at the same time a nice bit of 60s garage/70s punk across the channel at a bar in alameda.
    Pretty fun little deal going on here with the spring weather.
  • Hi Duane

    You're in Pennsylvania? You're actually not far from me at all, I'm in NY.....

    Trying to send you a message.....? You have to friend me?

    How did you get into the mod scene? :)

  • I think even over here its pretty mixed Duane. We have a great scene going up here in Glasgow with the only downside being that there is often too much on and unlike when we were youngsters, we cannot always attend everything.
    • Sounds like U need a holiday to the UK, check out some Mod events. Get saving, always stuff goin on in UK

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