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Hey all, I'm a 28 year old Graphic Designer living in North London with big, growing interest in Mod culture.

Don't have any mods amongst my mates so looking to get more into the scene in general (club nights, gigs, clothes etc) and hopefully make new like-minded friends along the way. Any London Mods out there?


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  • Thanks Steve. I've been off FB for a while but will pop back on and join a few groups. I've tried the Mod Culture forum and New Untouchables but no luck there either.

    • Of course, there's always the option of just getting out there and being a mod seemingly unique and individual....intriguing, even; and letting people come to you who are attracted to that. That's how it all began, I suppose.

  • Try a couple more online Sites, Mod Culture, The New Untouchables. There are many Mod Groups on Facebook if you are on it, such as East London and Essex Mods. Good Luck, Steve.

  • I was around Carnaby Street last month and there are two really good mod shops there, within 2 minutes of eachother. It's called The Face.

  • Hey, thanks for all the suggestions!

    I'm actually getting married in Brighton in July so know the place quite well but will try and seek out a Mod night next time I'm down. I always get into the Heart & Hand as they've got an amazing jukebox.

    I was in Camden at the weekend and popped into Modfather Clothing in the Stables (picked up my first Brutus!) and there were a few Mods and Skins knocking around. I've looked at the Roundhouse and there's a few gigs coming up, but I think Joe's over the road could be a better bet as they seem to have weekly R&B/Soul/Ska nights on.

    In terms of Central I've been to Bar Italia a few times and love it, always go when I'm nearby. I've read about The New Untouchables and know they do stuff at the 229 on Great Portland Street, need to get along.

    I was hoping there might be a few on here in the same boat who fancied the odd gig/club night/pint in town, but it looks pretty sparse unfortunately. Maybe there could be a Mod Generation London Meetup?


  • OK Jordan, since no-one else has replied I decided to chime in with a couple of suggestions that, if you haven't already thought of, might get you connected. I'm an old London mod, and I'm guessing that current-day mods would be found in all the same haunts I used to frequent, so why not seek them out. For example;- go shopping in Camden Town/ Camden Lock on a Saturday. Also of course visit a couple of mod clothes shops in the Carnaby Street area (I know Merc is still there from the 70's or 80's for example) Go to Brighton when there is a mod scooter rally or a mod band playing that weekend. Go to some of the events organised by the New Untouchables (I remember the old Untouchables, but no doubt these are a younger crowd). Don't worry about your age.... nowadays mods range from 16 to 70! There's also a mod Cafe in Soho called Bar Italia.... probably a good bet. Remember...mods aren't skinheads; it's unlikely that they will give you any aggro just for looking at them, in fact most seem quite tame these days by comparison (but watch out for the old!)

    • Merc's been gone for a couple of years already, Graham.

    • Good to know Kai, though I never was a fan of Merc.....more of a Last Resort customer in the days when they were still trading in that neighbourhood.

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