• I'm sure Stevie has a whole article on Mod hairstyles on this site. Have a wee look, i'm sure one of them will suit you.
  • hi mate,

    i quite like the long hair some of The Birds have,

    or you can go down the oasis route?
  • Hey Sean,
    It's a difficult one... it can be quite cool, a bit George Best or all go to ratshit with a Liam bob, can't it..? Even Weller can't carry off that long, wispy mullet style he sported a few years back.. not his best look. And that's coming from his number one handmaiden, too.
    How about very early '70s Rod, around Small Faces era. Before he got too feather cut? A sort of grown out French cut? Or, if you are more psych inclined, how about a West Coast counter culture Byrds look? Google the iconic Gene Clark. Or, what about a late Scott Walker?
    Personal favourite is a grown out Beatle cut, think George Harrison circa Let it Be or Abbey Road?
    Long burners look the dogs, as long as clean shaven everywhere else on the face, the minute it joins up, it all gets a bit Farmer Giles.
    Anyway, as long as you don't go all Kasabian, and Jesus Christ on a bike, you should be ok. Beards are so not a good look...
    • Especially for women.
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