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I collect Louis Feraud clothing. I love his styles. I even got a cracking jacket and dress suit for the weekender boo hoo and I won't even be going, still it will be worn at Friday Street or something.Years ago I just went for any mod gear, now I tend to stear clear of the stuff I used to wear in favour of sixties designer labels. It's great to still wear the gear but I do feel age appropriateness is in order, you won't see me running around in ski pants, etc like I did when younger. I only really do the whole mod thing when I go out and stick to my jeans for the most part with a little sixties flavour thrown in here and there.I stick to suits and dresses mostly and I'm a snob about the labels, unless I made it myself. It's different now too as we have more money when we're older than we did back then so this gear isn't out of reach. I started shop-a-gogo to sell off the stuff I got and didn't like as much or it didn't fit and it grew from that. I keep meaning to stick stuff I make myself in but just can't get the time to do it right now, space is so limited in this house too for working. I might have to get a shop one day in Glasgow.So a bit smarter than my younger days I would think.

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  • City Cash Tailors was not that wee Coiley. Then just down the street there was Freedmans, where you could buy everything from U.S parkas for a lot less than 300 notes, Fred Perry shirts, jackets, staypress, and other such Modness.
  • I think it's different for you ladies..than it is for us guys, with the whole dress sense thing, i wear my suits to my work every day, along with shirt and tie, and when i'm not working..i'ts jeans and fred perry's, button doonz, dezzie boots or loafers...i only had a small selection that i have always kept and wore along with something else....incase somebody thought i was a saddo stuck in a time warp! now i know that there's still a very much active scene out there i have cleared out the things that i used to wear, along with my perry's, dezzie's, and so on and replaced them with more perry's and so forth!!!!! it's magic...i feel like a 20yr old again.....(anybody know where i can get one lol ) The difference now is that i cant go down to city cash tailors though....who remembers that wee shop?

  • Well as a 17 year-old student i don't have a lot of money to spend (£20 a week off the national bank of mom and dad, sometimes 30 if i'm a good boy) and i have to make do with that, e.g. buying clothes - which are not cheap nowadays, many times I've spent the entire weeks wages on a new shirt - , music and gigs, including tickets, travel, and the food and drinks (not always non-alcoholic) when I'm there, and also buying new parts for the scooter, and things such as it's MOT, and so it's really hard to be a Mod on a small income, as i can hardly ever seem to be able to get top name labels, but I do the best I can.
  • Algie, is Andy Doyle the guy who's dad owned the pub across from the rooster? With sorta red hair? Did he not end up with jackie at one point? I remember Hec too, how are they all doing?
    • hi april its andy and ma hair was strawberry blonde haha now its kinda grey hope you are keepin well am meetin up with a few of the old eem and some of the guys that were mods 79_82 era this weekend let me know wot you,ve been up to and how your gettin on, all the best andy
    • Hey Andy, it is you. Great to see you. I won't be there on Saturday, can't get out at all this weekend. I'm hoping you lot might come to Friday Street next month or something. I'd love to catch up with you all. I said sorta red, not ginger lmao.

      When I first started looking for old mods it was you lot I was thinking of mainly as we were right in there at the start of the whole thing. I stayed a mod for quite a while after you lot stopped hanging around, but then I had moved back to the west end by then so not sure what hapopened to you all.

      Does anyone remember Jackie Morrison from Easterhouse? She went out with wee Davie. I'd love to see her again, been looking for her. Scissors said she died but it seems everyone called Jackie is being reported dead. It was Jackie Calder who died.

      I know wee Davie has moved down south.

      I have a disabled boy now Andy so I have my work cut out, he's 20 and had moved to his own place but he is back here after a bad experience, won't go into it.

      Me, I'm still kicking butt, lol, what would you expect? I'm still cool, for an auld bird roflmao. Can't dance as well as I used to though, I have MS and it slows me a bit, still I'm winning :)

      I hope you guys don't all disappar again, it's good to be back in touch. I've seen we Dobie over the years now and then, saw Billy Cunningham last year at the weekender (cofessed I used to fancy him hahaha), Robert McTeer was going to Friday Street for a bit too but he's fallen off the radar a little again.

      It's great to see yer old mates, there was a time when we were a good close crowd. I do miss those days in many ways but not in some lmao.
    • Good to see you on the site Andy. I hope you and Josephine are looking forward to Saturday night. I have a few good photo's from the last time, but I will leave them until the Sunday afternoon to take them out as I know for sure that I will lose them after a few bevs. I suppose Josephine could put them in her handbag right enough.
  • I remember you, Andy, and Billy talking about that party the last time we were out Algie. It sounded like a scene from The Warriors only with Pollok taking the place of the Bronx. When I think about it it would probably be easier to escape the Bronx in on piece than Nitshill.
  • You are definitely right April. I wish I had the same money back in the Scene Club days. I was on a YOP scheme, and from that I had to give my mum a tenner a week, pay for my scooter, buy clothes (mostly from the Briggait) buy records, and have money for a few drinks and entry to the club on a Saturday night. Once I stopped paying the Vespa up I had a bit more spare and started to get some stuff made to measure, but there was never enough money to do everything I wanted.
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