• I like the sound of that big time Graeme, without sounding all elitist and such. In a perfect world all our events would be smart Mod dress only, and before anyone comes back with a smart reply I don't mean dress as in frock ha ha. If I could, I would go to loads of these events, but sadly the requirements of married life means that I have to pick and choose.
  • Looking forward to this weekend - train leaves tomorrow morning 08.00.

    My suit is packed with all the other clobber that i'm going to need for which I hope is going to be a fantastic weekend of mod fun.

    "Welcome to Dreamsville ! And welcome to a new organisation of likeminded Mods from across the country. Our aim is to put on something that is 100% Mod with no compromise.
    Dreamsville is a non-profit making organisation, by Mods - for Mods, with any profits being put back into future events.
    Our music policy is the very best in 60's soul, Mod r&b, jazz and ska, with a mix of old and new sounds.
    Our dress policy is going to promote smart mod dress".

    Programme of Events

    Friday 2nd July
    9pm - 2am 60’s Mod, R’n’B, Soul, Jazz, Ska at “Blue note”

    Saturday 3rd July
    1pm - 6pm Music and Stalls at “Edge Bar”
    9pm - 4am 60’s R’n’B, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Ska at “Blue note”

    Dreamsville DJs include:
    Lee Miller, Andrea M, Matt Hudson
    Special guests:
    Alan Handscombe, Dave Edwards, Mark Thomas, Smiler

    • You Lucky Guy Grameme. Same as Chris i have to pick and choose. Hope you have as good a time as last weekend.
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