M51 parka

Hi all, I'm new to this site, I'm will I'm 16 and looking at the minute to purchase an m51 parka but unsure of the sizes (as I know there not accurate and they should be a bit baggy etc) but I'm about a 36 chest and not very tall about 5"7 ish maybe a big more so what size do you recommend, Ive not got a lot to spend as I don't yet have a job and am restoring my lambretta thanks guys

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    • Thanks Hubert I'll have a look around I've seen some very nice replicas
  • Hello Will, I suppose the answer to your question partly depends upon whether you are looking for an original M51 from the Korean War era, or a good reproduction. The sizes on the former are notoriously random. For example, I am about your size chest, but a Medium fits me, but it should be too big. The repro's on the other hand, should be a closer fit, but I would be inclined to go for a medium.....TBH I really don't like the Pretty Green range of allegedly "Mod" parkas and such largely because the are a skimpy fit, but Rothco or Relco (depending on what side of the Atlantic your'e on) do a functional parka, as do Fishtail Parkas......more expensive, but worth a look.

    • Yes I was looking at an original one that was a medium and although I know there supposed to be reasonably big didn't want risk it gonna be like to big and look like something from the borrowers ;) yeah I'm in England ;)
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