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Morning all. Hope all is well. This is my first full post. I will post introduction in due course but wanted to post this morning about the M65 jacket. I am thinking about Autumn which is approaching quickly here in the UK. I am looking for new coat, and initially wanted a Pea coat in Navy. I have a Grey and a Green herringbone one, but feel the Navy one is a little too mainstream, hence the M65. I saw a guy on another forum wearing one, with Levis, silk paisley and Brogue boots and thought it looked a nice Autumn outfit. So views guys. Are the Alpha Industries ones worth the £150 plus more for the liner? Any good surplus ones? Green seems normal colour but recently seen Navy one on Atom (yes, I know, but if you wade through the dross there are some gems like the recent Peckham Rye sale...). Cheers all, Mark

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  • Rick,

    My point was that In my area ,(Kettering)  my mates morphed from being Mods/skins/suedes/smoothies in to N.Soulies.this is my experience not the BBC's point of view.

    Apologies for not making this clear.


  • anybody see "psychedelic Britain " on BBC 4 last night?check it out its a must,Mods getting phased by hippies,ends with hippies being phased out by Glam rockers.

    It was never quite that cut and dried Mods that liked being Mod stayed Mod/skin/suedes/smoothies./Northern soulies,pretty much in that order.

    When i was a spotty 15yr old I dressed hippie coz it was cheaper that way! When I got a job and could afford a scooter and clothes I was a Mod.when glam rock came in.?!!....no I ducked out of that s...t and dived into Jazz,R+B Memphis soul.

    It was all over a very short period of time 5yrs max. then it was college and overseas.

    peace love and understanding brothers and sisters!!

  • who is to say what is "pure" Mod and what isnt.I was there int he 60's and people wore what looked good,and what they hoped looked good on them.Mod was an open minded approach to life not a narrow one(we had only just defeated such a frame of mind in World War 2,admittedly only for it to be replaced by communism!

    Get an M65 for any reason you wont regret it,later ones have a zipped in hood anyhow!

    be free brothers and sisters


  • The M65... Not so much mod but definately a true American icon.

    I would either keep a look out in your local American vintage store - if you indeed have one where you are located - or keep your eye open on ebay.

    Here's a few to get you started:






    • Nothing against the M65, but there is, of course another option, and that is the so-called "M65" parka. It's French Army issue. circa 1965, available and cheaper by far. It's not a fishtail, but of all my parkas (I have a genuine M 48, a mint condition original M51, and a recent knock-off M 51) I like it the best and wear it the most. Not for Mod purists, I agree, but it's a very adequate compromise. Just a thought.....

  • doesnt matter where you got it Mark!

    Scotland have the moral victory anyhow,thats for sure,crap decision by Joubert,he wonr be welcome in Scotland any more thats for sure!!

    all the best to you all

    • Agree Ben re crap decision, and then running off at full pelt at the whistle was disgusting....
  • Mark

    where did you get your Gloverall reefer? I had one as  14yr old schoolkid (along with a Donovan style corduroy cap!)


    (ps especial commiserations to Scotland,that was cruel and undeserved defeat!)

    • Hate to say it Ben but Atom Retro! Half price. Yes re rugby. Mrs B Scottish and was gutted. So close....
  • I like the fishtail parka very much and think about every autumn to buy one but I am not sure if I like myself with a parka. I don't know why but I think it is a coat for men not women.

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