Mad mod mistakes

What mistakes did you make when starting out as a mod will kick it of with these examples.For some strange reason I wanted a black button down shirt and searched the fair city of Glasgow to no avail so came up with a cunning plan bought a normal black shirt and asked my aunt who was a trained machinist to turn it into a button down. She then returned my shirt with what could only described as a couple of frisbees attached to the collar. While never actually wearing this designer classic I was still subjected to fits of laughter just describing it to my so called mates.Next one was deciding to go for a pint after working a Saturday morning dressed in newly pressed suit and Parker.Walked into the pub around corner from work to find it full of middle age bikers turned out it was a well known biker bar to everyone in Glasgow bar me. To be fair was once again subject to fits of laughter this time from the bikers one even bought me a pint for being brave enough to come into their bar. Was the fastest pint I ever drank

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  • Double Denim White Levi. < Hangs his head in shame>

    • Hope it was worn with white fred Perry Johnny
    • Lol no it was a red one. Like Alan I was going for the "Moon" look

  • Being 13 in 1979 and feeling too embarrassed to buy eye-liner me and the boys used to put shoe polish on a match stick and "paint" it on just under the eyes. You had to be careful because if you got it in the eye it really stung. We thought we were the biz at the time walking around with shoe polish on our faces. Looking back...

    • New meaning to the polished look
  • Once as a cost cutting exercise (YTS kid on £25 a week - Thanks Maggie), I thought I'd try to whitewall my own tyre's and when I'd finished, they did look the dogs dangly bits. I let them dry for a couple of days and, feeling a bit smug set off to meet up with some mate's to show off my handy work. Unfortunately, the Dulux gloss paint I'd used had only dried on the surface and that, combined with the power of centrifugal force, meant when I arrived my wheels looked not dissimilar to the proverbial explosion in a paint factory... Live and learn eh!

  • I was late on the mod scene, and like many, fancied myself as a bit of a Steve Marriot clone. To that end, I wore one of those shirts with the ridiculously long, rounded collars, in mango-coloured satin. At the time, I thought it was the coolest look ever ; in hindsight, I'm just glad I never had a photo taken in it! 

  • White socks ! What can I say in my defence it was an 80s thing ?
    • Forgot all about white socks Ed would imagine most on here would have been found guilty also
  • Oh boy... Checked two button jacket with a red paisley skinny tie and a Batman pin as a tie tack. Black baggy trousers, wing tips, and white socks... Maybe 1984?



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