Mash Sixty 125 Scooter

I first spotted one of these scooters outside a local French Supermarket and from a distance it looked like the 'real deal' a retro scooter that looks the part at a competitive price here in France. The company also produces a retro Lambretta, Mash Storia 125.. For an 'old' UK Mod from the 1960's like me it brought back some very happy memories of my Vespa scooters..

I know that these are modern scooters but they do evoke the 'Sense of the Sixties' (but with an electric starter!!!!!)

The Mash Sixty 125cc,  with 4-stroke engine. A model  inspired  by the Vespa LX, but it stands out for its more than attractive price. Properly finished, its equipment is acceptable with two mirrors and a luggage rack and a flat floor for transport. Its 4-stroke engine combined with its 5-litre tank. This Mash is placed on 12-inch wheels, guaranteeing a good compromise handling, agility, but has only one rear shock. Completely rebuilding the chassis of the 50 cm3, there is a front brake disc, associated with a rear drum. Its low seat height (740 mm) and low weight (99 kg) makes it very accessible.

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  • It looks a lot like the Modena that is available to buy over here. To me its the equivalent to the Scomadi. The only difference is that the Scomadi seems to have gained a lot more acceptance than the Modena. Not sure how it is performance wise but the brakes will certainly be far superior to my 73 Vespa.
    • Yep, this is sold as a Lexmoto or AJS in the UK. Has that 'Classic look' but not very fast and suffers from a small fuel tank. Be-loved by many of their owners and usually 'modded up'.

    • Hi Chris,

      The MASH is a French company that seems to specialise in Retro style scooters and motorbikes, and it just caught my eye because of its style and must be an improvement of my Vespas in the 1960's. There was something about the style of the old Vespas that does not seemed to have aged (in my eyes), then maybe it is just because I am an old Mod, remembering my 125, then Sportique then a GS...those were the days.

    • I am surprised an old Mod like yourself would prefer the autos to the classic Vespa's Tony. There can be little doubt that they will be more reliable although mine is 44 years old and goes perfectly well. At the end of the day it is all about personal opinions. My favourite scooters always will be the Vespa GS 160 and the Lambretta TV 200. The modern autos are have all the reliability and even brakes ( which sometimes helps) but I would not cross the street to look at one.
    • Hi Chris, 

      I agree totally with you as I had a  1958 125, a Sportique, GS and a Lambretta  TV200  in my younger days. 

      It was seeing this Mash scooter that brought back so many memories that I wrote my Novella August '64 about a young Mod and the events leading up to the August Bank Holiday in 1964 (available on Amazon Kindle at £1.99 as August '64 Extended). The story is basically my experiences with a bit of fiction thrown in.

      I am probably a bit long in the tooth to go back to two wheels and have to make do with my Ford Mustang which has a bit of a drink problem, as they say in the States, 'it will pass everything on a highway except a gas station'.

      But I am pleased that seeing the modern Mash scooter rekindled a lot of happy memories of my days as a Mod in Southend on Sea during 1963-1965, and in particular that weekend in Hastings.

      As a military historian it was strange to write about myself in a historical context.

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