Me, Colin & Andy

Are we the only ones who use the chat box?It would appear so.So far I've been stood-up twice by Johnny Dollar & Mr C - waiting there like an eedjit, under a cybernetic Highland man's umbrella ... lol!What's the point of having the chance to talk in real time if ye don't open the chat box? Just open it in another window & wait to see who comes on line. ye didnae have to chat for hoors, a couple of minutes patter can make yer day.That's what I think.

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    • Wouldny be you lot talk crap n bore every1 else to sleep would it eh eh!!!!!
  • I will have you know Mr Frackleton, that I have a laptop, unfortunatley my laptop wasnt lager proof, I spilt a whole can of lager on my laptop keyboard & it dont wanna play anymore. Over 40 years ago we sent people to the moon but we have yet to invent a lager proof keyboard, i mean cmon what are NASA playing at? Forget Mars , the priority is surely lager proof keyboards!
    • So you want a lap top that is both Mars bar proof and lager proof Mr McGowan. Its not saying too much about your lifestyle here ha ha.
  • Sorry lads just tried the "Chat" tab & my PC aint having it?
    • Then buy a computer for yer hoose, ye stingy b!st@rd. lol!
  • Im on the PC at work & it wont let me get on chat! maybe the works PC has a Bullshit filter & thats why I cant get on? Before you start it was just wee joke!
    • I usually jump between the forum and the forum.
    • Well, yer quite right, Norrie. Ye need to keep jumping back & forth between the windaes - but tonight has been a good laugh.
  • I personally think SFC should pull the plug on the chat room, its a lot of rubbish if you ask me.
    • Well, it's rubbish when no one wants to chat...
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