Midnight of My [Screwed Up] Life?

Hi all,

I just wanted to post something may that may or may not shock you, and before you read any further, I just wanted to clarify here and now, that this is not a post-April Fool's joke, even if that is the same date as the late, great Ronnie Lane's birthday.

I have just found out that Martin Freeman will be playing the late Steve Marriott in Phil Davis's - yes, Chalky in Quad - latest film venture as director of Midnight of My Life. I am really dreading this, despite the fact Phil has something to do with this project. Please share your thoughts.

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    • I saw him a few times, obviously he didn't dress cool anymore but the music and his voice were fantastic.
  • IMHO, this should be aimed at the next generation. Remember Oliver Stone's horrible portrait of Jim Morrison? All us idealistic kids went to see it back then (having read JM's poetry) and now we're just stuck with a scene about an absolute A*hole and a chicken permanently branded onto our retinas... Classic fail, though a true description of the boy it might be. I'm worried about the choice of Martin Freeman, because it means that the main focus would be on the 70's and 80's (since Freeman doesn't really look like he's 16 any more), and that, unfortunately, means a lot of blown chances and binging-out. Stevie was and is an idol to many, let's keep it that way... Don't lie to us, Phil, but please do keep focusing on the talent!
  • Depends on script and direction of project could be brilliant with real interesting story to portray or a total waste of film. Will reserve judgement until I see it
  • Weil, if they portray SM the way we would like to see him, then that would be bending the truth. If he is portrayed the way he was, then do we want to see that?

    I'd rather watch a well made High-Budget Mini Series on the SF, there's certainly enough psychological depth in the material to come up with something really good- the ultimately screwed ambitious and cool Teenband that came to hate their audience... now there's a story that might catch the imagination of the young.
    • Fingers, Would you care to   elaborate on the way we'd like to see him as to how he was in your view. Just interested ?

  • And - he is short enough to fit the part too! ;)
    I have no problem seeing him work out in the role actually.
  • No problem at all. Freeman is a good actor. And of course Marriott made a right mess or screw up, of his life.
    • Can The Hobbit play a Cockney Geezer??? Not something I'm looking out for, even though I'm a Big Small Faces fan and met Steve Marriott. Also Martin Freeman doesn't even look like Steve Marriott surely to have credibility you would use an Actor who looks slightly similar???

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