Hi there,I've tried to do some research on the Minets, but it's all a bit confusing to me. I'm wondering just how they differed from / matched mods in style, philosophy, musical preferences, etc. and how these 2 subcultures influenced each other.Thanks for any info on the subject!

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  • Wow, thanks Frames! That certainly did put some of the myths that I have heard to bed...

    Somehow, I had linked them to Jacque Dutronc, Serge Gainsbourgh and other cool influences of the time. But the Muzak you're listing is plain horrid! Well, and as we know, manufacturing of style would eventually catch up with, and eventually destroy, modernism as such in Britain (at least for the time being) as well... Criminal!
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    • Huh. I've never heard of minets before, now I'm interested! Also nothing wrong with the Association, "Along Comes Mary" is a killer grarage/freakbeat song :P

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