• They are fantastic live though, i've seen them 3 times.

    • Cant stop bloody listening to them and love "Made in England" which is really strange saying I'm a die hard Scot!!! Maybe get them to do a braveheart version for me :)

    • I really don't do the whole patriotic stuff, but also really really love that song! Love Kings for the weekend, the video is quality aswell. Also Dave is a goodun, very very catchy.

  • That isn't where they got there name from. I spoke to one of them after a gig in St. Albans, Andy is a mate the lead singer had who died in Afganistan.

    • so they are liars too .lol

    • i read an inteview with them recently canny mind which mag it was , got their name from andy murray the tennis player , apparently the singer kept throwing crumpled up pieces of paper at the tv anf kept missing

    • Was it in the latest Scootering by any chance?

      What's the name of their new album?

    • I like it. Might just go and buy it. Even if I weren't too like it, wouldn't mind spending a few quid helping out a small band, which should be bigger.

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