• Martin. I'd advertise you on my shop, if you would help me out with some images for my categories. I've been trying to get someone for ages to do that. I won't be offended if you knock me back, lol

    I just wanted mod drawings for each category, e.g dresses, suits, blah blah.

    I could even give you a section or link to sell your work and the images you'd do for me would help get you seen more. The shop is well used.
    • Yeah,April
      No problem at all,however my computer talent isnt too advanced so I'll have to send you images and you'll need to do the rest ??????
      Give me a list of the art you need and what shape and size and I'll get onto it asap....Im a bit bogged down this week so it may take a few weeks,is that ok?
      You can contact me at
  • Probably best Martin doesn't know how to post videos himself - or he'll be postin' all his Rod, Jane & Freddy vids!

    Anyway, here's Martin's stuff - cool!

    • Cheers Stephen, I obviously thought it said MOD,jane and Freddy!!!!!!!!!,No I never claimed to have taste of any kind,I try to avoid it when possible haha
    • They are great drawings, Martin. I really like the one you use as you avatar.

      I wish you further great success in your career. Thanks for sharing your work with us.


      Ps. I'm in the same school as Norrie - have O level art but cannot draw to save myself!
    • By the way, it's been so long since you lot went to school - i'm sure we did 'o' grades
      - 'o' levels was what they did in England

      ps there is another photo will appear soon of a guy who looks just like Gary - I'm guessing it was his older brother you knew
    • Well, Stevie, I went to school in England but it didn't make me any better at drawing...
    • I was kicked out of school in 1976. It was just after the "O" level exams, or "O" grades.
    • ah Norrie, ye have to go one step further than anybody else ..
    • In all honesty, it wasn't my fault. One of my teachers had left the school and some of us went to sit in the library as we had no teacher. A class came in and the teacher told us to leave. We said no as there wasn't anywhere for us to go. He reported us and next it was a visit to the heidie, where it was decided we would be better leaving and not coming back.
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