mod bands 79,80,s

usually for me it,s soul ,r&b garage ect. But of late have a real craving for the music that got me started .Loving the circles, the gent,s the times ect.Whats your fav band and track from back then.

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  • utube is great for watching all these bands again, i spend hours on there.

    • John and I spend hours loading them :) Have you seen my you tube channel? trACEys youtube channel

    • well done you tracey. that should keep me busy for a while .

  • loved them all.seen the jam  the purple hearts nine below zero makin time live in the eightes.thats the ones i can remember.happy days.

  • Into freakbeat and Oz 60's stuff right now. Thanks to you tube must say. 

  • secret affair

  • w eller n the jam 4 me but love purple hearts secret affair the chords the circles lammies .seen the hearts chords and the affair in last 18 months awsome but hearin weller do move on up wa style council in 85 made me shiver

  • I have never been ashamed of being part of the 79 Mod Revival and liked many of the bands that were playing the circuit in 79/80. On vinyl I liked the Small Hours best but unfortunately never saw them live, the Merton Parka's sounded rough on record but were better as a live band. The best live act for me was the Chords saw them at the Wellington once, a couple of times in Brighton (once with the Undertones which was excellent - Teenage Kicks would be one of my desert island discs) in 1979/80 and again in Brighton in 2010. Also saw the Teenbeats a few times, Speedball, Purple Hearts, Secret Affair, Long Tall Shorty, Small World, 007, Squire and last but not least the Lambrettas who we saw many times from rehearsals at Lewes Scout Hut to headline gigs in London and Brighton as we went to the same school as Jez and Doug.

    Have also seen Nine Below Zero many many times but they were our post revival faves having first seen them live in 1980 and regularly in 1981 and 1982 when many of the revival bands were on the wain.

    Of course the Jam are worthy of a mention but I don't categorize them as a revival band.My eyes were opened to Mod in the autumn of 2008 for three reasons 

    1) Watching the filming of Quadrophenia in Brighton

    2) Being advised to borrow the Quadrophenia album from the college library and flicking through the book countless times to get a better understanding of what was being filmed down at the seafront.

    3) The release of all Mod Cons by the Jam who had been my favorite band since 1977 - putting two and two together and realizing that the Jam (Weller) were Mod influenced was the final jigsaw in the puzzle.

    Although I liked punk/new waves acts such as the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Skids and the Undertones I was too young to be part of the active punk scene in 1976/77 and whilst I wore a couple of safety pins on my school blazer I never fancied a mohican hairstyle or bondage trousers but the Mod look was right up my street.

    From September 1978 I held a NUS card that incorrectly gave my year of birth as 1960 which opened up the world of live music (Mod bands) that was played on licensed premises that was only accessible to those who looked 18 (not me) or could provide any kind of dodgy id that purported to show that the spotty little holder of said id was 18 (me and many, many others).

    Great days.  

  • I always looked down a bit on many of them...but I have to go with Millions Like Us  - I would have liked that even if I was not on the scene, because basically its just a great aggressive laddy pop bash.

    Oh and I lked the banded suit jackets on the cover - SEE BELOW

  • love The Times
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