Mod box fringe haircut

Where does this hair cut come from it isn't very mod or smart, looks pretty daft if you ask me also people keep making it more extreme like shorter fringe and sides as long as there face. Is there other style people can get instead

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  • Just had my flappers cut , six on top and four on sides.
  • I just got rid of my "Weller" look. Short back n sides with side shed now.

    Took ten years of me !!!!! :P

  • What is this "hair cut"-thing you are talking about?

    /The bald one

  • I have a weller ish my flappers are about an inch and a half long sorry , what's French crew cut. Ie what number
    • Got mine done on your description
    • Thanks Frames..... you always seem to come up with the goods when I am lost for something genuinely useful or informative to!

    • Actually Craig, the French Crew is really ill-defined as far as I can make out; it can go from a simple grown out No. 1 crop look to a full Rod Stewart or Ronnie Wood busby cut. As much as I admire Paul Weller, I have to say that his hair has taken a direction all of it's own, and doesn't IMHO reflect any particular phase of the Mod style.

      Worse still are us sad old f***ers who emulate him and look even more ridiculous because we don't have the time or money to keep an army of hairdressers in tow.

    • How old are these f***ers ur talking about
    • Specifically, late 50's to late 60's

  • I have just had a look at the article It is a very smart haircut hmm I think that is what I'll be doing next. I have another question what might divided opinion, what do people think of Steve Marriotts centre parted layer cut?

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