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    • Always get my stuff from T.K. Max and when the sales are on in Liverpool or Manchester. Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village near Ellsmere Port and Chester is also good.

      There's a shop in Manchester called Oi Polloi. Most of the time it's well expensive but when they have a sale it's well good. Anything up to 75% off. It's also joining the Clarks website because sometime's you can get Desert Boots half price. Brand Alley is another website worth signing up to. Loads of cut price stuff.

  • If you keep an eye out for "sample sales" you can get real bargains too. And Vintage shops if there are any around you.

    Also register with "online" companies like Brand Alley and Secret Sales for good reductions if it's name-brand stuff you are after. They email you every week with big reductions on name-brand clobber for a limited period. Be prepared to have your eyes opened to some of the "designer" crap that is on offer too though - for every big reduction on a nice John Smedley top there's also 70% off a sequinned jock-strap or some such garbage!! Just looking at it makes your eyes bleed!


    • Thanks for the tip Andy, have just registered with BA and SS, wait and see what they send me. It all adds to the interest and if I find a bargin its a bonus !!!!

      Vintage clothes shop in Exeter, The Real McCoys, it's expensive and it ain't mod stuff, but they do sometimes get some boating blazers n leathers that are ok. Outa my price range bein only a workin class mod.  


      I really like rooting around Vintage shops. TK Maxx too.

      My Gran used to organise Jumble Sales when I was a kid, just so that she could have first dibs on anything she fancied. I think I must have got the habit of looking for that great bargain from her!

      Another tip is to try and find a decent tailor or seamstress. They can perform miracles on clothes if you can "see through" the style. They are worth their weight in gold.

      If you ever see a decent pair of trousers or jacket that you like the cloth of and it (nearly) fits, at a cheap price, buy it and get it altered. I bought a Daks POW check jacket with massive lapels for £4.00. Real 70's jobbies, paid £25.00 to have the lapels slimmed down by a seamstress and now it's one of my favourite jackets!

  • Depends where you live. down ere in deepest Devon we have recycling centres that sell stuff that other people give them or throw away. sometimes find some good stuff on their clothes rails and other good bits n pieces too. Jumble sales can also give some little gems, I know it's a pain sorting through all the clobber but it can be worth it, Ben Sherman shirts are easy to find and Levi jeans too. Car boot sales, some sellers specialise in 'vintage' clobber. One woman at Marsh Barton car boot only sales jeans and jean jackets, mostly Levi, good stuff, good prices I think too. And as Gary says, Ebay can be good, but please be careful cus sellers on ebay will call anything mod just to sell it, and some of it is real crap. You have to decide exactly what you are looking for then do a bit of research to find genuine stuff, or be prepared to buy reproduction.   

    • John i feel your pain regarding clothes,i live in Cornwall and it is dire when it comes to buying clothes down here so there is very little option other than scouring the charity shops on a regular basis,there are two TK Maxx that have,John Smedley,Baracuta ,amongsts some named brands so it's not always a lost cause you just have to have the patience of a saint and the eyes of a hawk ;-)

    • John great response, it answers it all.

  • Ebay is good for a bargain Mark,TK Maxx as well,a good rummage round the charity shop can also unearth some little gems.

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