mod dad

from this months q magazine

a feature on modern day tribes

 mod gets a mention but i'm not sure its complimentary !

antbody here own up to any of it ?

my fred perrys can be tight 

it must be the modern fit though

cant be all the pies and lager

in the magazine theres a very good interview with paul weller in there who is looking very smart in a grey suit .

why he's not on the cover i dont know ?

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  • this should sell a few memberships to the fitness clubs ?

    • Interesting article bec, quite good.
    • I loved it too... and the scooter! ;-)

    • The article is a bit heavy, the photo is the best bit keepin this thread on a more cheery side,here it is below!

    • That's why I put it up on the thread, Steve! ;-)

    • very interesting article quite enjoyed it thanks for uploading it

  • Its me exept i,m 61 years old and from the first time round, i own a beer gut but keep my harringtons done up in a vain attempt to hide it, certainly dont have strides long like the picture and dont wear shirts like that, got a few xxl Fred's, i do have the bag though...sad but happy!

    • These features always take the extreme negatives.Not something to dwell upon .

  • Good grief u can't take this seriously
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