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Heres a question. Are there any dating sites out there or online singles groups for Mods and people like us? I was wondering. Its just after all the work and traveling I did, im ready to settle down but with someone who has the same interests as me. If theres no sites like this then there should be.

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    • Thanks. Its hard where I live to find people and ladies like myself. Ive had a few girlfriends and it was hard because they didn't understand the music I like and the lifestyle that goes with it. I love Mod and all that goes with it. But things are limited here and some things are unavailable. So I do alot of things online. Plus I  would give anything to go to a scooter rally one of these days, but I would have to get a passport and visa to go. One small problem, I dont know anyone who would pick me up from the airport and stuff. But hopefully one day it will happen.

    • Welcome back, Duane! There are plenty of rallies in the States. AmeriVespa is the only one that comes to mind at the moment.

    • Thanks. Love this site. But Ill look into that rally. 

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