Mod Dogs and Englishmen

I've often been asked 'how can I be a mod and have a dog?' 'With extreme difficulty!' Is my usual reply, I'm on my 3 generation Boxer. I'm not for one instance putting my mutt up as the best looking mod dog. But hey he makes me look good besides ;0) Anybody else strutting their stuff next to a gruff?

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    • I think you've missed the point here ernie...



    • Hungry for love, care and attention ernie... Peace brother ;0)

    • Que sera, sera....

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    • Beautiful photo, Billy! Love at first sight too, no doubt! :-D

  • 137152516?profile=RESIZE_710x5th generation boxer for me, pint of slob in their jowls aside they`re great dogs 

    • A lovely looking brute Simon... And yeah, great dogs aside from the drool, ha, ha. Lots of slobber dodging before getting out on a dress up night ;0) 

  • It was a year ago today, when we brought this little lady home, at 8 weeks old. A year on and she is a very mischievious little character, full of energy and naughtiness ;-)135756795?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • And here she is all grown up.135757367?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Top dog in more ways than one Alan... ;0)

  • Never really understood why so many people have a dog, I guess if you are lonely it could pass for company. 

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