Mod Dogs and Englishmen

I've often been asked 'how can I be a mod and have a dog?' 'With extreme difficulty!' Is my usual reply, I'm on my 3 generation Boxer. I'm not for one instance putting my mutt up as the best looking mod dog. But hey he makes me look good besides ;0) Anybody else strutting their stuff next to a gruff?

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  • Thanks for sending the photo of Miles to the other day via a PM, Gaz! He's a real cutie! I wish we could have pets at our rented place. I'd adopt a pug.

    • Thanks MG. For a second there I thought you said "I'd adopt a rug" ;0)

  • Meet the new addition to the family.

    • Not quite carbon but the father of my last boxer is this little fellows grandfather so close enough. Also each has their own unique personality which makes the difference. I swore I'd not get another but after four why not make it five! A character and a half in every one…

      What do you mean Alan? Lost as in stolen? I have a rescue dog from Battersea, she's a Dorset Old Tyme Bulldog. I had a good look around the rescue centres but could find nothing suitable for my circumstances so went for a pup. It's good when you get a good match on adoption, glad to hear it's settling nicely ;0)   

    • Yep! They are prone to cancer and a short to medium life span. That's what my last was put to sleep for but hey, love and enjoy 'em while you can nothing last forever Alan.


    • What a little poser! :) Congratulations to the new familymember!

    • Absolutely a little poser Ronnie, could he be anything else? Many thanks cool dude.  

    • Did it come with the flag, or was that extra (or less) Gary ha ha

    • Lol! That's the back of my parka laid out Chris, ha ha. No, not really it's a beach towel I use to dry the dogs. The way the country is splitting up it may end up a collectors relic, the Union Jack towel that is ;0) 

    • All kidding aside, he a great looking wee dog Gary. I am sure he will give you plenty of great and crazy moments.

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