Mod Dogs and Englishmen

I've often been asked 'how can I be a mod and have a dog?' 'With extreme difficulty!' Is my usual reply, I'm on my 3 generation Boxer. I'm not for one instance putting my mutt up as the best looking mod dog. But hey he makes me look good besides ;0) Anybody else strutting their stuff next to a gruff?

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  • Never really understood why so many people have a dog, I guess if you are lonely it could pass for company. 

    • Probably because dogs are more faithful than most humans Dave ;-)

    • They´re an accessory - like cufflinks, only smellier.

      Seriously, they can be quite nice too, friendly and good if you´ve got children.

    • If I had a child the last thing I would have is a dog.

    • Animals are part of our journey. I accept them for what they are. They don't have to entertain me nor give anything in return. They just have to be. I suppose its about living in harmony with the world around us. Sometimes humanity. We've had countless rescue animals whose fate without our intervention, dosen't bear thinking about. Greyhounds discarded and shot (worse I really can't say here) because they weren't fast enough, cat's tails mangled because farm owners wouldn't pay for damage they had done. Wildlife cursed, because the damage they did to the speeding reckless drivers cars.Etc., etc. Taking ownership has its own existensial responsibilities, but animals are often like children, they learn from you. Bad owner, bad animal.....
      “The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but "Can they suffer?”― Jeremy Bentham, Philosopher, The Principles of Morals and Legislation

  • Fine looking dogs in the pictures. Now, when you walk your four legged friends do you do that in full mod gear or do you wear a modified version of your pyjamas (as I do half the time)?
  • Frank the new, new Westie/Poo Terrier and I. Also my Boxer lad all grown up.


    • That`s a canny wee dog Gary and the Boxer looks like he is driving.....Ha-ha.

  • Thanks for sending the photo of Miles to the other day via a PM, Gaz! He's a real cutie! I wish we could have pets at our rented place. I'd adopt a pug.

    • Thanks MG. For a second there I thought you said "I'd adopt a rug" ;0)

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