Mod Fanzines Old and New..What's your View?

Mod Fanzines-I used to pick up a copy of 007 and the C.C.I. Newsletter on my visits to Carnaby.St. In the mid 80s. In more recent times used to get a NUTS newsletter through the post which has moved online. Just seen a new one called Start advertised on FB. Has the internet taken over or are they still relevant if you can find them? What are your Views? 

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  • publicread.jpg?width=721Just ordered my copy of Heavy Soul issue 31.

  • As I said on the other fanzine thread: What happened to SUSSED? That was a great cotemporary mag. In the last 5 years I read every issue of Heavy Soul, which is always very inspiring regarding new records and re-issues.

    The Internet of course is a great form for mods from all over the world to communicate, but, as with books, I sometimes need the sensual experience of flicking through pages of good old paper.

    Fanzines were very helpful in the 80s for said international communication as well, supplying contact adresses or ways to order records your ordinary record shop wouldn`t stock. Good on us the British Army was based in North Rhine Westphalia, so at Mod do's we'd get our hands on both german and UK fanzines back then!

  • start.jpg

    • OK, just ordered me a copy of Start!

    • Kai can you do a review on it???

    • Well Steve; START! is a nicely made and colourful mag; and even though it comes along much more professional than Heavy Soul, it is noticeably thinner with lots of adverts diminishing the content even more. It's much more about articles than new or upcoming releases, which is one of the reasons I'm an avid Heavy Soul Reader. Not always 100% up to date (articles about Tony Beeleys book which has been around now for- what?. a year or so? and Pete Wilkys Pete Meaden book, which has long since been cancelled, due to the fact that the content turned out to be a heap of rubbish shortly before the publishing date...), but most of the articles that are, are well worth a read... Nice gesture they sent me a free copy of the previous issue as well....

    • Thanks Kai....great review.

    • My pleasure, Steve!
    • Yes, certainly, Steve!
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