Mod Gamay

Produced by the fine wine makers of Australia - and quite possibly inspired by the original 'Shamay' as sipped by mods on the banks of the river clyde in long golden summers gone by... MOD GAMAY "When made right, Gamay is about one thing and one thing only: hedonistic pleasure. It should be fresh, fruity, and balanced. Our Godfather is Jules Chauvet, the father of natural winemaking, who advocated simplicity, carbonic maceration, whole bunches and no sulfur. " As an alternative they also produce a vino moderno blanco: MOD PINOT GRIS

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  • Can't say I was ever partial to that over sweet syrupy rubbish. We preferred Old English mixed with a liberal sprinkling of beer. But then we were all wine connoisseurs in the NG Mods ha ha.
  • I can't wait for the fine vineyards of Monklands to produce the first batch of LAMBUCKIE, a breakfast drink for all 80s mods!
  • Looks cool. When is it going to be available over here ?
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