Mod Hair Problems

Evening all! I have hair like this,, but im having a problem with on of the 'sideburns' curling up at the bottom. Anyone had an issue with this and found a remedy to the problem?Cheers!Joe.

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  • Heard about ladies ironing there hair, but sideboards...........have we gone off kilter somewhere ??

    • Must concur - many girls used to iron their hair on an ironing board - extremely dangerous - but no guy would ever have had hair long enough to iron. Anyway by the time we wore our hair long it no longer had to be straight which was lucky for me as mine went into ringlets!

  • I read somewhere that lads back in the day use to "iron their hair" w/ their mother's irons (and ironing boards). I don't make these rules, but I guess if you wish to be totally authentic, you could iron yours. It would only be official if you borrow your Mum's iron (even if you do not live at home w/ your parents)

    • I don't think 60's mods hair was ever long enough to iron,not unless they actually put the iron ON their heads haha!

  • Obviously a thread from the younger element, lol.

    Vaseline is a new one on me. However, i had similar sides as Miles, no, i had better sides than Miles in the Eighties.

    When we was blow drying the hair, with gel or mousse, all we did was flick the sides inwards and fix it with laquer, no big mystery.

    Then again, if you aint got hair anymore, you can't be a mod it appears so i'll sign off 

    • Kiss curls! How cute. You could always go for the rabbi look and have them long and curly I suppose. I seem to remember that the hair from the scalp growing down caught in the sideboards growing out from the face - it was only young lads who didn't shave who suffered the embarassment of the curls. Is that any help?

    • haha curly side flaps already.Hair straighteners ? I think the mod world has changed a bit since the sixties coz my family just read this and can't believe it's not actually a joke  haha

      You could always do what they did and get a college boy or number 4 haha

    • Know where ure comin from Jordan.....However, Mods with hair are into getting their look right and we are now spoilt with more hair products and straighteners in the MODern age than the 60's. Its a sign some guys are into male grooming and wanna look the best they can, at the end of the day nothing wrong wiv that. Part of MOD getting your look right. Not everyone wants a crop, hair today gone tomorrow LOL! 

    • They seemed to have got their hair ok in the 60's Steve,according to my lot they used to use a bit of hair spray after they'd been on the scooters,apart from that the college boy cut only needed combing and a bit of razoring on the parting.Oh , and I just been told a bit of sugar and water combed in just to keep it in place before they went out and because the mods hair was always much shorter than most other kids so it wasn't really a problem,not even for the kids with a bit of a curl.

  • I always used to do my ex's hair when he had a similar haircut. The best way seemed to be to use straighteners to slightly curl it in towards your face and then use a bit of pomade to weigh it down. Or hairspray is always a good option! Not too much though or it clumps together. You can buy mini hair straighteners (meant for fringes but would work on sideburn bits) from a couple of places, they're about £10 - £15 for a decent pair. x

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