Mod hairstyle tips for unruly hair?

So here's my problem: I have a very unique type of hair. It's wiry, frizzy, and sticks up everywhere. When it gets long (for me, long is an inch to an inch and a half with my hair) it's super curly and wavy, but not in a good way. Just random kinks of hair just standing up, there's no rhyme or reason to it! To give you an idea of how bad it is, my hair when I took the picture for my profile is at it's absolute longest. I had to wet it, comb like crazy, and actually physically hold my hair down for it to work in that pic. And then when it dries at that length it looks terrible. It just won't stay! I'm sick of having the same crew cut that everyone else has at my school, and I don't want the shoulder length, messy grunge look that a lot of other guys have too, for obvious reasons. I want a medium length, mod style haircut that'll compliment my style and set me apart from the crowd. Since there are so many types of "mod" haircuts for guys, here are some pics to show you what I'm aiming for:

You know what I mean...

So anyway, how would I go about this? Would you reccomend a relaxer gel? Or a hair straightener? Or should I just slick it down with spray or mousse or something like that? I don't exactly want to be dripping with product (like some dirty rocker >:D ) or damage my hair/cause it to break or fall out. If any of you have any experience with this or have other ideas, please let me know. Thanks :))

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  • Aha! I found the pic I mentioned ! Curly, wavy, unruly hair....circa 1964; no less of a mod for it, slightly grown out College Boy cut.3297976693?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • 3297985198?profile=originalGentlemen I'll meet your David Morse and raise you a Michael Sheen !

    • Yeah, got a point there Mike. Anyway, I´ll get off at this Point, Feeling out of place in a "hair" discussion... Although I still don´t know about the "Güzel" bit; was it a turkish photographer, Graham...!?

    • Don't see myself Motown perhaps if Graham could give pic of him in a dirty Mac we could compère
    • David Morse! That's who he looks like! Seriously!
    • 3297978635?profile=originalI´ll stick with David Morse....

    • Now I'm confused.

    • You're David Morse's brother...!?
    • Er, thanks for the generous compliments lads, but if you go back in the thread a bit you will see that this is actually my brother - I posted it because HE was the one with the curly, unruly hair (and the short fat hairy legs) I of course was far more handsome, and with much more managable hair.!

    • But with two natural eyes, haha!

      And it seems to say "güzel" at the bottom, which is turkish for "beautiful'"...!?

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