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John Leo Waters has added a great article on MOD JAZZ with a compilation of tracks ‘loosely’ defined as Jazz that he remembers from his days as a Mod.


What do you think? John would be interested to hear other members comments and/or any additions he may have forgotten?


Here is part of his compilation - go to MOD JAZZ for more (plus John's notes on each track)

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  • my Sunday morning soundtrack... great selection. 

  • John - i just hit you up on private message but have just seen the article you posted in Mod Jazz - interesting. lets talk via PM. thanks 

    • Jazztastic :-) I listened to all three volumes in one go! Not a bad track amongst them. Well done John.

    • Nice? Wonderful!! Just love the mix John. KTF. :)

    • Thanks for the kind comments.


  • This is my sort of music. I am loving listening to JLW's Jazz Mod comps tonight.

    I also love the modern jazz sounds of Miles, The Mad Monk, Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane etc, but that might be something to do with me getting older!

    • fantasticly cool playlist a few new tunes to me there so thank you john, really loved el bang bang. now how do i get volumes 1 and 2. cheers 

    • Did you go to the article? That's what the post is all about...

  • herbie hancocks bring down the birds from blow up movie captured my interest.


    Incidentally - Here a few tracks that didn't quite make in on to the compilation but are well worth checking out;


    Jimmy McGriff - The Worm

    Freddie Roach - Money

    Triumphs - Burnt Biscuits

    Tony C - Everything I do Gonna be Funky

    Red Holloway - Big Fat Lady

    Louis Jordan - What'd I Say

    Billy Larkin - The Midnight Hour

    Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    Bro Jack McDuff - Hot Barbecue

    Dave Baby Cortez - Yeah Yeah

    Jimmy Smith - Respect (the whole LP!!)

    Hank Jacobs - Hank's Groove

    Ramsey Lewis - Dancing in the Street

    Freddie Roach - I Know

    Bro Jack McDuff - Too Many Fish in the Sea

    Joe Cuba - Sock it to me

    Sandy Nelson - Unchain my Heart

    Red Holloway - Monkey Sho Can Talk

    Val Bennett - The Russians are Coming (Take Five) 




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