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Just watching the original Thomas Crowne Affair (1968) with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.

Oooh, baby.

Great couple - apart from the obvious chemistry they generate on screen and the crime thriller theme it is a pleasure to watch from a Mod perspective.

The clothes are just perfect. The cars. The settings. The whole beautiful retro styling of the movie and incidental music - horns, hammond and strings - make it a wonderful aspirational Mod movie.

Got me thinking. What other movies, apart from the obvious (Quad is a given) portray the ideal Modernistic style? I mean the films Mods would have gone to see at the movies.

Ideas? The Sean Connery Bond movies for sure, then there is Blow up too, different but still on trend...

What do you think, you cool Mod people?

Game of chess anyone.... or a different game?


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  • Bloody hell Gary D where DID THAT The Devil vid come from?

    Sometimes I stray from the path..but boy that is enlightenment.



    • I've got to agree it is a nice watch. I didn't comment on it as it was such an old post. It makes me nostalgic, the nearest I get to a scene now is Northern do's but whereas the music is good, on the whole the clobber is pants.


  • The Harry Palmer fims.

  • Steve McQueen ( King of Cool) with the lovely Faye Dunaway, and Michel LeGrand's brilliant film score. 

    What's not to love?  I totally agree, pure Mod.

  • Just been to see Amazing Grace (takes a while for films to reach the LA boondocks). Only one word to describe it; RESPECT.  The New York Times review said “Don’t bother with tissues, just bring a towel”.  How right they were.

    In a reference to Green Book, I pointed out to my partner that Aretha played a Steinway; she came straight back with “And Lip Jagger is her driver” - she’s straight out of the knife box! ;o)

  • Now I’m not claiming this as a ‘Mod Film’ but I’ve just watched Green Book and it has to be one of the best dressed films of late.  Lots of early sixties Italian knitware on show along with some very sharp suits, jackets and turtlenecks. Well worth a gander, not just for the clothes though; a warm and thought provoking look at the seismic upheavals regarding race (and briefly sexuality) dutng this period, with plenty of feelgood vibes and a sense of humour too - what’s not to like?


    • Enjoyed that one, too. Although the ending was a bit corny... ;-) 

  • Paul_Smith_grande.jpg


    Miles Davis in a French film from 1958, sublime.

    • Yes, a rare, sublime piece footage. Miles Davis isn't actually in the film 'Acenseur  pour l'echafaud' but 'improvised' the entire soundtrack (one that is well worth adding to your jazz collection) while watching the film as shown. Nevertheless, a really good interesting post.



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