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Just watching the original Thomas Crowne Affair (1968) with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.

Oooh, baby.

Great couple - apart from the obvious chemistry they generate on screen and the crime thriller theme it is a pleasure to watch from a Mod perspective.

The clothes are just perfect. The cars. The settings. The whole beautiful retro styling of the movie and incidental music - horns, hammond and strings - make it a wonderful aspirational Mod movie.

Got me thinking. What other movies, apart from the obvious (Quad is a given) portray the ideal Modernistic style? I mean the films Mods would have gone to see at the movies.

Ideas? The Sean Connery Bond movies for sure, then there is Blow up too, different but still on trend...

What do you think, you cool Mod people?

Game of chess anyone.... or a different game?


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    Miles Davis in a French film from 1958, sublime.

    • Yes, a rare, sublime piece footage. Miles Davis isn't actually in the film 'Acenseur  pour l'echafaud' but 'improvised' the entire soundtrack (one that is well worth adding to your jazz collection) while watching the film as shown. Nevertheless, a really good interesting post.



    • Ah thank you :) I'm really exploring Jazz at the moment so I'll see if there's any copies available. Can you recommend any albums? 

    • By no means exhaustive but still a very good Mod/Soul Jazz LP recommendation list, from the superb Spanish "Real Mod World" website. ;

    • Join the Musicbox in Groups, Edward. Lots of advice and chat from likeminded explorers, with plenty of recommendations by members to choose from. 

  • The Devil....

    • Loved this... Wish I had more likeminded people around where I am.

  • Lester Young performing in a really, interestingly shot short.

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